Heartwood, a historic and grand 30-room mansion originally known as The Lake Osceola Inn. Built in 1905, with no ensuite bathrooms, the property was gradually updated. Now, each room or suite offers a private bath with tub or shower and many offer a fireplace or sitting area for private conversation. Heartwood is updating this piece of history without losing what makes this space charming.

Cost and Deposits

Cancellation policy:

2 Weeks before the event: non-refundable.

2 Weeks or more before the event: $85 non-refundable fee.

See each retreat for retreat pricing.  Accommodations are for single, double or tent.  Payment is due at the time of registration.

Self-directed retreat lodging: $85/night or $1,500 for 30 days ($50 per day); $2,700 for 60 days ($45 per day); $3,600 for 90 days or more ($40 per day)


Retreatants are invited to share 3 vegetarian meals a day with the Heartwood Community.  Breakfast is at 8am and is usually oatmeal with a lot of extras.  Our main mail consists of a grain, vegetables, raw and cooked foods, and the time will be listed on your retreat schedule.  A typical supper is soup and salad, served at 6pm.  Please let us know if you have dietary considerations and we will do our best to be accommodating.

Cafe & Juice Bar (Opening Soon)

Relax in HW’s cozy cafe/dining hall or enjoy outdoor balcony seating (balcony open during warm months) while nurturing your body with organic, whole food juices or indulge yourself with a dark chocolate dessert – it’s still good for you![/text_output]

All adjoining cabins provide a private washroom.  Cabin retreatants may avail themselves of all amenities and services in the inn — the cafe, library, business office, wellness services — in a still atmosphere.

For friends or people looking for reduced costs, our double occupancy rooms provide all the amenities a single has.

For friends or people looking for reduced costs, our double bed rooms provide all the amenities a single has. Provides private washroom and a still atmosphere.

Our residency and self-directed retreat rooms are all single occupancy retreat cabins with private bathroom and a queen sized bed. The meditation hall is close by for easy access and the laundry room is close by.

With space for 100 people, our meditation hall is not just a home for a local Sangha, but a practice space for long term retreatants.

Our conference hall is in the main building, it can seat up to 150 people. Great for workshops and conferences of any type. Available October 2016.

The cafe and juice bar offers afternoon snacks that nourish your body and mind. Open Spring 2017.

We have onsite an Infrared Sauna and a Light Therapy Room. Other services, like Massages and Acupuncture, are available when have practitioners onsite. Whole being wellness includes our bodies; the container of our consciousness.

Meditation Retreat Cabins

These spacious, adjoining cabins are located in the courtyard behind the Inn. 42 cabins knotty pine (some painted, some not). A combination of singles and doubles, all offer private bathrooms, a study table, personally controlled heat/air conditioning and plenty of personal space.

Sokhya Wellness Center (Opening Soon)

We are not just offering a retreat center here at Heartwood but a whole being wellness center. Discover our Sokhya services.

Osceola Lake (Opening Soon)

With views and access to Osceola Lake, Contemplation is a vacation. Take a moment, be. Osceola Lake’s dam is currently being repaired.  The repairs are expected to be complete and the lake filled in June 2017.  For now, enjoy the natural marsh land.

The Rooms