Sotar has a rich background in creating entertaining, engaging and spiritually rich song, chant, and dance programs for all ages. He is a counselor and learning consultant with over thirty years of experience working with children and families, yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner with an extensive background in various types of movement, bodywork and meditation (see attachments on music, movement and healing). Learn about David’s offerings below:

Thanks for the opportunity to share my love of creating entertaining, engaging and spiritually rich, song, chant, dance and meditation programs for all ages. Voice and music are amazing doorways to open our hearts, co-create, build community, address developmental issues and deepen our spiritual practice.

I strive to create a safe and irresistible invitation for people to laugh, sing, and feel the joy and connection we all long for, a present moment experience to feel a deeper spiritual connection inwardly and with others.

In addition to my heart-centered song, music and meditation facilitation, I am a counselor, wellness consultant, Reiki practitioner, singer, and yoga teacher who has worked with children, families, and adults for over thirty-five years. My professional background includes individual and family therapy, staff development, wellness programming, school counseling, and teaching (child, adolescent, adult, and special education).

Each program offered, is shaped by the group’s interests and the needs. Some options include:

  • Song and Chant as Spiritual Practice: Moving from Head to Heart, Song and chant have long been part of spiritual traditions from around the world. This experientially based sampling blends in both lively and meditative song, chant, and dance.
  • Oneness Café: Heart, Soul, and Humor – Songs for the everyday craziness of life and our true oneness that are upbeat, heart-centered and humorous. Music from various styles and traditions that will invite you to move, sing out, laugh, and tap your inner stillness.
  • Mantra and Chant Meditations for Deepening: Following the Sound into Silence – Mantra and chant meditations are wonderful ways to shift the inner landscape of our thoughts and feelings, quiet our minds, and deepen our meditation practice.
  • Kirtan: Opening and Deepening through Heart-Centered Chanting – Kirtan is easy call and response chanting that creates a joyous wave with an irresistible invitation to sing, move and at times sink into meditation.

Children’s Programs: Having a long history of working with children as a counselor, special education teacher and learning consultant, I love offering song, dance and movement programs that build community, create cultural awareness, and cooperation through participatory music.

I look forward to exploring how I may support your fellowship into all you aspire to be!