Dharmacharya Ordination

In the 17 years since Ven. Pannavati Bikkhuni began her own work in learning and living the Dharma of the Noble Eightfold Path, she has enabled innumerable others to also find their own way to wisdom. Beginning in November 2013, Venerable Pannavati worked with the first group of 28 yogis and yoginis who chose to take the next step in their own growth towards non-monastic ordination through the Dharmacharya Program. While held to a higher standard of conduct, knowledge and application, celibacy is NOT required. ‘Charya’ means exemplar. My meaning for Dharmacharya is one who lives the Dharma or one who teaches Dharma by example. So, this program is for those who want to BE Dharma — not just teach it!,” says Pannavati. And, “In this diaspora, the non-monastic teaching-model is customary, accepted and useful.”

 Application for inclusion in that inaugural group is now closed, however a second class opened for registration in the summer of 2014. That class is currently ongoing and will continue through 2016.

The latest group to study with Venerable Pannavati began their two year journey in February 2016.

The application form is available here (Dharmacharya Application). The Application can be completed either electronically, using a computer and Microsoft Word software, or on a separate document with reference by number and letter to the questions provided in the form. For those who prefer, responses can also be provided by video or audio recording with reference to the number and letter of questions in the Application. The completed Application and any associated documents may be confidentially returned by email to assistantesh1@yahoo.com, or via fax to 480-287-8074. It will then be forwarded to Venerable Pannavati. You may be assured of the confidentiality of any information you may provide.

Selection for inclusion in this highly personalized program will be determined by Venerable Pannavati based in part on the applicant’s responses to questions in the Application, along with a personal interview and references (not always required).  Announcement of those accepted in the 2014-2016 class will be made by personal email.

If you feel you are being led to undertake a deeper level of learning and growth along the Buddhist path with a commitment to be a refuge for others, you are invited to apply to join in this two-year odyssey of personal growth. Through individual communication, monthly group teleconferencing, video trainings and regional retreats, Ven. Pannavati and several guest teachers will be working with the chosen yogis in each class on an individualized student-teacher journey to bring them to the threshold of a new stage in their life’s spiritual work.

Those who successfully complete the Dharmacharya Program with Venerable will know with confidence where they are along the path and be able to guide others. As in all of her work throughout the USA and the world, Pannavati’s gift of the Dharma is freely offered. However, the program’s regional coordinators have determined that the costs to cover the technology, travel and administrative support for the program will come to approximately $100 to $150 per month or $1,200-$1,500 per year per student. Expenses involved in attending the regional retreats will be kept to $50 per person per day or less if at all possible.Dana will be accepted for the teachers at the retreats.

Thank you for your interest in the Buddhadharma and your commitment to your own personal and spiritual growth. You are leaving a legacy to the world, even as you leave samsara.