• $1,075.00 – Residential Stay
    plus dana (offered at the end of the retreat) to the teacher and to Heartwood. You can read more about the practice of dana here.

$250 deposit saves your spot up when you register early. The balance will be charged in three payments - $250 three months before the retreat, $250 two months before the retreat, and the final balance one month before the retreat.

Date & Time Details: Opening Day: check in is between 2-5pm, with orientation at 5:30pm and supper at 6pm. Closing Day: ends at 11am.

Location: Heartwood Refuge and Retreat Center

Address: 159 Osceola Rd. Hendersonville NC 28739

Retreat Manager

Cancellation Policy: Full refund issued for cancellations received at least 4 weeks prior to the event

An $89 cancellation fee retained for cancellations received between 2 and 4 weeks prior to the event

No refund will be issued for cancellations received less than 2 weeks prior to the event

Room Assignments: Rooms are double-occupancy. Depending on the number of retreatants, if single rooms are available, we assign them in order of registration to those who registered earliest.

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Calm and Insight – 12 Day Meditation Retreat

with Bhikkhu Samāhita

December 20, 2018 - January 1, 2019

This is not a typical western retreat. Over 12 days we will examine the 40 meditation subjects/objects carried down through the Theravadan lineage and learn how to use them. All can suppress the five hindrances allowing one to pursue wisdom, some can be used as antidotes to abandon discursive thought, some lead to access concentration or one of the four jhanas. Realization of all four jhanas can be induced through two of them. In addition, the Pali commentaries provide guidelines for suggesting meditation subjects based on one’s general temperament. And, it is remarkable that today’s technology, science and physics verify the veracity of many of the Buddha’s teaching in regard to direct knowledge that can be attained through right concentration. Samahita Thero will be showing the correlation between these modern scientific thoughts and proof on many subjects. If you’ve been wanting to take your practice to the next level, get to this retreat!


Bhikkhu Samāhita
Ven. Samāhita Thero has lived alone for the last 16 years remotely on Knuckles Mountain in a Bhāvanā-Kuti: The Cypress Hermitage 56 km from Kandy from where he runs the website: and numerous Buddhist internet, YouTube, and Facebook groups w. >100.000 international members. His email is: Ven. Samāhita Thero (born 1960) was educated as a Medical Doctor at the Copenhagen University in Denmark, and became Associate Professor in Bioinformatics at the Technical University in Denmark, working with theoretical biology, and artificial intelligence. Cooperating with grandchildren of Danish Physicist Niels Bohr (Noble Prize 1922) stimulated a long cherished interest in Quantum Physics, and Einsteinian Relativity. He arrived in Sri Lanka 2001, was ordained as novice at…
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