Training Institute

Kammanna means “fit for action” in Pali

Kammanna, our Social Action and Training Institute bridges inner work and outer work. Utilizing Buddhist wisdom and contemporary methods and tools developed by Venerables Pannavati and Pannadipa and other notable teachers, training programs equip us to be clear, gentle, effective. Programs can take different forms and combinations: online classes, teleconferences, colloquia, short-term residencies.  These courses are for those who embark upon the bodhisattva path, dedicating their lives to compassionate action.

Partnering with the Treasure Human Life Foundation we take what Kammanna implies and puts it to use. The foundation will serve as the action arm of the Kammanna Institute and a catalyst to relieve unnecessary suffering, globally.

Kammanna Online Courses

This platform will be an online, interactive classroom known as a learning management system. This software will offer interactive learning between students and teachers as well as group led experiences, and allow for an international practice space with renowned teachers from around the world that will include opportunities to attend live events.

Dharmacharya Ordination Program

“Acharya”’ means exemplar. A Dharmacharya is one who lives the Dharma, teaching by example, not mere words. If you wish to undertake a deeper commitment of training to be a refuge for others, apply for this two-year odyssey of personal growth.

The class of 2018 has started June 1st. While we do not know if there will be another program in 2018 or 2019 but you still want to be considered, fill out the application through the link above and it will be taken into consideration.

Engaged Contemplative Program – Coming Soon

A 1-year intensive program providing balanced, systematic study to deepen understanding of contemplative life and social engagement in the world that promotes social justice and harmony; based upon teachings rooted in universal principles of wisdom and compassion.

Sutta Study Program – Coming Soon

This program is for people who want to understand what the Buddha really taught. This program intends to cut through a westernized understanding of the Dhamma to give a full-bodied picture of the teachings.