Our Service Leaders

Venerable Pannavati, Founder/Spiritual Director

Ven. Dr. Pannavati is Co-founder and Co-spiritual Director of Heartwood

Ensuring the community’s sustainability, longevity and continuity of vision and mission. She is also President of Treasure Human Life Foundation. Ordained in the Theravada, Chan, and Mahayana traditions with Vajrayana empowerments and transmission from Roshi Bernie Glassman of Zen Peacemakers, Pannavati was formerly a Christian pastor, and co-founder and co-Abbot of Embracing-Simplicity Hermitage and meditation center.

An international teacher who advocates on behalf of disempowered women and youth globally, and insists on equality and respect in Buddhist life for both female monastics and lay sangha — she is both contemplatie and empowered for compassionate service. She was a 2008 recipient of the Outstanding Buddhist Women’s Award and currently serves as Vice President of the US Chapter of the Global Buddhist Association. Although Ven. Pannavati travels extensively, she offers Dharma Talks and Meditation at HW on a regular basis. Please see the Weekly Activities.



Bhikkhu Pannadipa, Founder/Spiritual Director

Bhikkhu Pannadipa, Co-founder and Co-spiritual Director

Founding Co-Abbot of Embracing Simplicity Hermitage, ordained in the Theravada and Mahayana (Chan) traditions. A former Taoist monk and an initiated yogi, he taught Tien Shen Pai Kung Fu, qigong, Tai Chi and Fitness for more than 26 years. As meditation counselor of the Hermitage,  his finely honed skills add unspeakable depth to a practitioner’s experience.

Powerfully present with penetrating awareness, he guides meditators towards jhanic attainment, teaching them how to use this empowerment in all circumstances of practical life. In addition, he has extensive experience assisting in the transition from this life to the next for both humans and animals. Ven. Pannadipa leads Theravada Dharma Talks and Meditation, Qigong and Tai Chi. For times and days, please see the Weekly Activities.

Maureen Hall, Wellness Director

Maureen Hall, D.C., FIAMA, Director, Wellness Center 

Dr. Maureen Hall is the retired clinical director and President of Inspiration Center, Inc.  She received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree and B.S. degree in human biology from Logan College of Chiropractic. She received the award of excellence from Logan’s Clinical Science Division and the Basic Technique award from the Chiropractic Science division. She holds a B.S. degree in Psychology, is a fellow of the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture.  holds Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Mind-Body Medicine Certification (Jon Kabat-Zinn),  is a Spirit Rock Meditation Center Community Dharma Leader and ordained Dharmacharya in Pannavati’s lineage.

Dana Gormley, Retreat Manager

Dana Gormley, Retreat Manager

An important step in Dana’s path of practice was taken in 2013, during a Yoga Teacher Training certification program. Here she encountered the benefits of group meditation, welcoming the sense of connection and the ripple effect of peace created by sitting with others. Her spiritual studies have continued through the years, focusing on yoga philosophy and Buddhist practice.
Dana is honored to be a part of Heartwood Refuge, to have the opportunity to practice with the sangha, and to serve as Retreat Manager.

Amy Goldweber, Nutritionist

Amy Goldweber, Registered Dietitian

Amy Goldweber is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Health Coach, and RYT-200. Amy is the founder of Heal From Within, LLC providing holistic nutrition and health coach for both individuals and groups. Her customized approach is focused on increasing self-awareness and self-acceptance through meditation, mindfulness, Intuitive Eating, and Yoga. Amy has always been drawn to Buddhist principles and has been a devoted practitioner for over 5 years. She then encountered the benefits of Yoga almost 3 years ago and has learned to personalize her own path. With the assistance of various teachings and inward focus, Amy’s one true passion is to cultivate inner peace and strength for herself and all others.

Hey Carollan, Marketing Manager

Hey Carollan, Marketing Manager

Hey Carollan is a digital marketing strategist intent on using art, marketing and technology to benefit individuals and society as a whole. This passion led Hey to found, Social Marketing Strategy in 2011 to support the growing demand for marketing in social development and community organizing to attract volunteers and donations. In 2017, Hey went on to found the Social Enterprising Association, a developing nonprofit dedicated to training and empowering people to work and start their own businesses. Hey was an integral part of the development of two successful one million dollar capital campaigns and, as a nonprofit development expert and crowd sourcing adept they have a proven track record with taking nonprofits and social benefit organizations to new heights.