Arrival & Parking

Check-in for retreats is from 2pm to 5pm. Please make every effort to arrive during this time period. If you need to arrive earlier or if your arrival will be delayed please advise the retreat manager by calling (828) 356-5568 or emailing

Please park in the paved lot on the north side of the campus; the driveway is marked with a sign reading “Meditation Center” .


Retreats end at 11:00 am; On Sunday all have the opportunity to attend Heartwood’s Dharma Talk which is held from 12:00 – 1:15 pm.

What To Bring

Chairs, zafus, and zabutons (cushions and mats) are available for use in our meditation halls or you are welcome to bring your own meditation aids.

Casual indoor and outdoor clothing suitable for practice and working meditation sessions in variable weather conditions.
A flashlight to use when walking from building to building in the twilight hours.

Personal toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.) Knowing that fragrance use significantly compromises indoor air quality and prevents access for some individuals, particularly during the warm summer months, Heartwood encourages participants to bring only fragrance free products.

For your convenience, Heartwood provides bed linens, blankets and towels.

Rain gear such as an umbrella or poncho, and shoes with good tread, as you will be walking outdoors to get from one building to another.
Please bring snacks to share! Heartwood staff will take your offerings at registration and set them out for all retreatants to share.
You may bring outside food items for your personal consumption if necessary due to dietary restrictions. We ask that you do not bring food into your rooms and offer access to a small shared refrigerator in the dining room.

While we don’t have a fragrance-free policy, we all understand that scents can be distracting. What is pleasing to one is not pleasant to another — some people have reactions to certain scents and they are difficult to neutralize when turning over the rooms. So, while we don’t pander to aversions, we do ask you to please consider others when packing your personal products; not as a rule, but,  just as a courtesy if you can.