Bearing Witness

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Contemplation practice ultimately takes us off the pillow, out of our temples, and into the world

When you register for the whole series, you will be sent a recording of the first event and lessons to catch up on. However, each is a standalone event and the previous ones are not necessary for the current. This is the fourth of the Kammanna series.  A series designed to address what is typically NOT being offered in other training programs. They deal with self-mastery and how that impacts the process of change.

In the first event of the Kammanna series “Mindfulness for Engaged Buddhists” we explored what our Buddhist personality types are and how that affects our activism or “engaged Buddhism”; The second event, “Contemplation for Engaged Buddhists” you were matched with proper meditation technique to overcome those barriers and continue being a refuge for all.

Bearing Witness we will learn how to  “show up” being willing to listen deeply – not thinking “we” know what “they” need, otherwise  we are not present to help.

This series is interactive, with core training, 2 break out sessions, handouts and practice assignment for the month with individual teacher feedback. We will be using the Maestro conferencing software to conduct the call and manage breakout groups.

Register for this event – Saturday Nov. 7th at noon est