Cancer and Water Fasting

Cancer and Water Fasting

Here is some remarkable information to inspire and encourage those fighting cancer with the traditional allopathic treatments today.

It has been accepted for decades that fasting is known to prevent or retard cancer growth as it causes a rapid switch of cells to a stress resistance mode, capable of protecting mammalian cells from various toxins, including chemotherapy. Because cancer genes prevent the cancer cells from switching to this stress resistance mode, fasting protects normal yeast and human cells but not cancer cells from chemotherapy.  This effect is called Differential Stress Resistance (DSR). One study on 10 cancer patients, who fasted in combination with chemotherapy, reported that fasting was not only feasible and safe but caused a reduction in a wide range of side effects. The chemotherapy was not only as effective as without fasting but in some cases more effective.

It was stated that fasting 4-5 days before the chemotherapy session could result in long-term survival for many patients with metastatic cancers, particularly those patients in which malignant cells had not yet acquired multidrug resistance. Human studies have shown that short-term water fasts (5 days) are well tolerated and safe.

As the saying goes “a picture is worth 1000 words. Take a look at the graph below *:

Heartwood Refuge extends a special invitation to those of you going through chemotherapy and/or radiation to consider doing a Self-Directed Retreat here on campus as part of your regular cancer treatment protocol.

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