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Preserving and transmitting the full legacy of Buddhadharma through community…


The Buddha upheld the practice of generosity as a liberation Dharma gate for both recognizing our inter-connection and realizing our essential emptiness. Please consider how you can make this practice available now by supporting the dream for your own practice.

Supporters of the Refuge have developed a $2 Million and 3 year Capital Campaign to retire the mortgage and establish our endowment.

Phase One officially launched August 10th. Our initial goal  was to raise $250,000 by September 30th and thanks to your generous, ongoing support, we have exceeded that goal! The deepest bows and appreciation to you all. As we enter Phase 2, we do so in confidence, knowing that your input, generous donations, and deep appreciation for this project guides the future and success of this vision for this global Sangha. Will you see us to success by April 15th for $150k?

How Funds Have Been Used Thus Far(through February)

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For more detailed information and breakdown of how funds have been used, click here.

Phase 1 Capital Goal - 250k 100%
Phase 2 Capital Goal - 150k 100%

 Become a Donor!

Will you partner with us, right now, with the most generous gift you can, in order to make Heartwood Refuge a precious treasure for yourself and the world for generations to come?

We invite your contributions toward our Capital Campaign:

Become a Grassroots Fundraiser

Donating is not the only way you can help us in this capital campaign. You can become a grassroots fundraiser with as much work as it takes to send a text message! Join this list and you can help spread the word through text message and email in under 2 minutes.

Make a gift of stock

To donate with a gift of stock, contact Raymond James Financial at (828) 694-1377. The brokerage account number  is 31919597 .

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