Christian Retreats

Many Buddhists consider Jesus to be a Buddha. There were many Buddhas throughout history. As many Buddhas as there were there are just as many religions and spiritual practices.

If we are to draw similarities between these religions we can come to this conclusion: Most Religions practice and promote peace, tolerance, compassion, and non-harmfulness.

These are some of the many reasons why Heartwood Refuge welcomes Christianity as a core practice to peace in the world.

Our grounds and atmosphere include a serene environment on top of a pristine lake in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. With two conference halls, meeting rooms, private suites, and space to house up to 150 people, this center is designed for peaceful, effective, and affordable retreats.

For single occupancy rooms, we offer 85/night. To share a room, 65/night. At Heartwood it is our strong conviction that spirituality and religion should be available to all. If you know anyone with hardships, consider applying for a retreat scholarship.

As a national organization with expert marketers, we have the ability to promote your retreat on a national level. Whether it is a private or public retreat, we have the space for you.

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