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Thank you to everyone who has generously given to Heartwood during our Giving Tuesday and year-end matching campaign for retirement of our second mortgage! Due to your continued generosity, our lender has once again extended their matching offer through the end of March. All donations will be matched up to $350,000!

Retiring a portion of our mortgage will allow us to offer more dana-based retreats, expand our outreach through engaged Buddhism, and renovate 26 remaining units as dedicated housing to be of service to our community. Your support truly makes a difference for us and we are tremendously grateful!

Give to our General Fund

Give to our general fund

With the limited budget of a new retreat center and monastery, unique and unexpected expenses always seem to make their way known. This fund is used for all expenses that are not associated with special-purpose funds. The activities being paid for through the general fund constitute the core administrative and operational tasks. By donating to this fund  you are giving us permission to use the funds as we see fit. If you feel inspired by Heartwood Refuge but not sure where to point your generosity, this is a good place to cultivate it.

Donate to our General Fund

Give to our Nuns Fund

Nuns at Heartwood

Nuns at Heartwood Refuge offer teaching, service, inspiration, and serve as role models for how we can make life truly meaningful. True Dharma friends, they are dependent upon the lay sangha for food, clothing, medicine and shelter.
It is right that nuns should be such holders of the container for practice at Heartwood Refuge. Our Co-Abbot Venerable Pannavati, continues the ordination lineage of her (deceased) Master Thich Tu An Nu (Karuna Dharma), the first American woman to become a fully ordained monastic. Venerable has been integral in the re-emergence of the female monk lineage with a history of ordaining contemporary bhikkhunis and providing space for them to both practice the Dharma and assume spiritual leadership roles. Your support will allow this first community of multi-lineage nuns to florish as we represent and coalesce Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana traditions.

Donate to our Nuns Fund

Give to our Social Projects

Give to our social projects

We continue to offer supplies to migrant workers and continue our work in India with the untouchables. Please consider donating a generous offer so that together we can continue to share in the practice of compassionate action.

Donate to our Social Projects

Other Ways to Help

Singing Bowl

There are many ways to get involved if you’re interested in contributing – whether by lending a hand at the monastery, or assisting with administrative tasks, or by offering food or other requisites – the best way of all being by joining in the practice of the Dhamma.

Other Ways to Help

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