Engaged Contemplative Program

Like the Buddha, we are committed to making ourselves “a refuge for all beings..” And, a vision is unfolding! Across the country, practitioners of all traditions and ages are experiencing a pull to gather for non-sectarian practice, conscious living and empowerment for service. We are desiring to care for one another. This is a program to assist social, compassionate, and community action.

A 1-year intensive program providing balanced, systemic study to deepen understanding of contemplative life and social engagement in the world that promotes social justice and harmony; based upon teachings rooted in universal principles of wisdom and compassion.

The Application can be completed either electronically, using a computer and Microsoft Word software, or on a separate document with reference by number and letter to the questions provided in the form. For those who prefer, responses can also be provided by video or audio recording with reference to the number and letter of questions in the Application. The completed Application and any associated documents may be confidentially returned by email to admin1@heartwoodrefuge.org, or call (828)-356-5568.