Healing Continuum

Developing diet, lifestyle, and behavior to achieve greater
balance in your health and spiritual practice

Health Retreats

Acupuncture and applied physical and spiritual medicine


All Retreats Include

  • Nutritional Consults
  • Meditation, Yoga, and Qigong
  • Blood Tests
  • Full-Spectrum Infrared Therapy
  • Bemer micro-circulatory protocol
  • Soft Exercise Programs
  • EEG Neurofeedback for meditation
  • Fisher-Wallace brain stimulator for depression, insomnia, anxiety and pain
The Medicine buddha

Upcoming Retreats

Detox and Rejuvenate 5 Day Juice Fasting Retreat

With Health Team

September 24 – 29, 2018
Heartwood Refuge
The Juice Fasting Retreat is an oasis where you will be able to draw physical, mental and spiritual refreshment in a peaceful environment. Take time away from the demands of your regular daily life and remain sheltered from the challenges and struggles of the materialistic world. Come experience[…]

The Team At Healing Continuum

Venerable Pannavati, Founder, Herbal medicine
Dr. Maureen Hall, Healing Continuum director, chirpractor, energy healer, and nutritional consultant
Dr. Kuai, Eastern medicine and accupuncture
Amy Goldweber, Registered Dietician