At Heartwood Refuge and Retreat Center we understand that body, mind and spirit are integrally connected and cannot be treated as separate if we hope to obtain optimal function in any of these areas.

There is a large body of research that shows altruistic (other-regarding) emotions and behaviors are associated with greater well-being, health, and longevity. We are committed to the principle that physical well-being is also very supportive of our spiritual practices. This is a two-way street.

For this reason, we have developed the Heartwood Healing Continuum (HHC) in which we offer sessions with healers and modalities that focus on achieving radiant health on all levels.

These not only serve our local members but are made available to support those on retreat at our facility. The list of retreats includes meditation retreats of many kinds, self-directed retreats, and Detox Retreats (fast-mimicking retreats, juice fasting retreats, and waster fasting retreats).

Included in our health enhancement offering are:

Sessions with Healers

  • Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Massage
  • Bach Flower Remedy consultation (emotional support) and 30ML customized blend
  • Reiki and other subtle energy healing sessions
  • Meditation training


Self-Applied Health Enhancement Methods

Educational Opportunities

Educational programs are offered on a donation basis:

  • Guided meditations based on personal support needed
  • Structured Water Training – based on Dr Emoto’s research
  • Introduction to Tensor Ring technology
  • Color Infused Water training