Prepping for your juice fast

While 5 days of the freshest and most nutritious cold pressed juices will do wonders for your health, it is equally important to prepare for three days before you come and to finish gradually for optimal results. This is why give you the recommendation of a 3-day pre-fast regime, 5-days of juice cleansing and 1 day to ease off the fast for a total of 9 days. 

You will still benefit greatly from 5 days of just juices.  However, you may experience detox symptoms to a greater degree than necessary. Some rapid detox symptoms include headaches, lethargy and upset stomach. We suggest preparing, detoxing and finishing as suggested for optimal results and less discomfort.


At least three days before you actually start the cleanse, it is wise to start replacing foods, drinks and lifestyle choices that don’t serve your health with ones that do.  (This includes pulling back from technology as much as possible and keeping your entertainment choices more uplifting and positive.)

This eases your body into a 5-day juice cleanse gently so that you don’t detox to quickly with some possible uncomfortable symptoms.

Diet and Lifestyle 3 days before your retreat

Avoid the following foods:

– Caffeinated anything  such as Coffee and black tea (suggestion: start weaning yourself off caffeine at least a week before juice detox and stop drinking caffeinated anything all together at least three days before juice detox. If you are prone to headaches when you drop caffeine you might want to try shifting to green tea or using only a couple of tablespoons instead of a cup of your typical cup of coffee or black tea, like a medicine, to keep the headaches to a minimum.)

– Animal products (if it comes from something with a face or a mommy, don’t eat it!)

– Processed sugar, high fructose corn syrup

– Artificial sweeteners (stevia is a natural healthy option)

– Processed foods (such as pasta, bread, refined flour, soy products (edamame is fine), pre-packaged salads, soups and dressing)

– Alcohol

– Soda

– Fried foods

– salting your food (no table salt, Braggs Aminos or miso are a good alternatives)

– Overeating (start eating smaller portions) Eat only until you’re comfortably full

– Eating before bed (be sure your last solid food is eaten 3 hours before laying down)

– Dehydration (stay hydrated with water, not juices or other liquids)

– Stress, lack of sleep, sedentary lifestyle, people who drain your energy (as much as possible)

Enjoy any of the following (provided you don’t have allergies or food sensitivities to them)

– Legumes (Lentils, red beans, white beans, black-eyed peas etc)

– Stevia, agave, grade B maple syrup

– Herbal tea, hot water with lemon

– Raw, unsalted nuts

– Fruit for breakfast (especially melons)

– Fruit smoothies with a water or nut milk base (no dairy)

– Fresh fruit and vegetable juices

– Gluten free grains such as quinoa, amaranth, millet, whole grain wild and brown rice

– Veggies, raw and steamed

– Salads and greens

– Root vegetables such as sweet potato, parsnip and burdock

– Homemade salad dressings such as lemon and olive oil, apple cider vinegar or 100% orange juice based dressing

– Homemade vegetable soups

– Olive oil, flax seed oil, coconut oil (in very small amounts) do not cook with flax seed oil

– herbs and spices (without added preservatives)

– Moderate exercise

– Get out in the sun a little bit each day you can

– Drink at least 2 liters of water per day

– Get enough sleep

– do some yoga and other stress reducing activities

Thank you so much for joining us…May you be well and peaceful