Service Opportunities

Heartwood Refuge and Retreat Center has a number of residential, full-time, service opportunities available to dedicated practitioners who share a commitment to fostering spiritual development within others and themselves.

Heartwood Refuge is a new residential community, retreat center, and service training institute in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. Heartwood’s mission is to be a living container for inquiry and cultivation of ancient and contemporary Buddhist thought, while promoting interfaith and multi-lineage dialogue. Heartwood is neither defined by a single lineage, nor confined by any single sect or practice. Our retreats, refuge, courses of study, practical life, and social engagement in the world are geared not towards an outward show of Buddhism as a religion, but towards cultivation of the inner integrity and development of being which the Dharma inspires.

Two of Heartwood’s core values are selfless service (seva) and humbleness of wishes; these values are the foundation upon which Heartwood rests. The roles we are seeking to fill are not jobs, they are a calling; opportunities to embody these core values and use one’s tangible skills for a greater purpose – serving the Dharma.

Individuals possessing seasoned practical skills, a trailblazing spirit, a sense of commitment, enthusiasm, and a sincere desire to help manifest the Heartwood vision are encouraged to apply.

A commitment of 30–35 hours per week of one’s time and energy dedicated to one’s area of service is necessary for Heartwood’s smooth functioning. Ascribing a specific number of hours per week is intended as a guide, not an absolute; we joyously do what needs to be done at any moment. There is a natural ebb and flow to the pace at Heartwood related to the retreat schedule. The intention is to ensure a balance between service, spiritual practice, and other areas of interest in our lives.

A small monthly stipend, in addition to private accommodation with en suite bathroom, three vegetarian meals per day, and access to teachings are provided by Heartwood.

Right now, we have the following positions available:


If you have prior tangible experience and would like to discuss the potential for service at Heartwood, please send an email with the role you are interested in, a cover letter, and a current resume to

Heartwood is an equal opportunity employer. We place a high value on workforce diversity and are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment and to ensuring that employment decisions are based on individuals’ abilities and qualifications. Consistent with these principles and applicable laws, it is Heartwood’s policy not to discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, gender and gender identity, and sexual orientation.