Heartwood is an intentional, low-impact living community.

It is a place of learning, support and engagement for those dedicated to growing into their spiritual and personal potential.

Its founders, Venerables Pannavati Bhikkhuni and Pannadipa Bhikkhu, have cultivated local relationships in the Hendersonville, North Carolina, area for over a decade. Through the Embracing Simplicity Meditation Center in Hendersonville and its social action projects, a basis for deep friendship and local support for this intentional community has emerged. Heartwood will continue and expand the commitment to dedicated practice, living simply and serving others.

Those who choose to live at Heartwood will participate with heart, mind and hands. While Venerables Pannavati and Pannadipa will reside in the community as a guiding presence, and their presence is respected, they do not consider themselves “leaders” of the community, nor is this a place for people “looking for a leader”. It is a place where each person, with the guidance of the Dharma, will accept responsibility for his/her individual progress, and will understand the need to develop mutual trust in our shared lives. Balancing compassion and wisdom, we grow in patience, learn to cherish others as well as ourselves. Available mentors, practices and resultant experiences benefit our collective social maturity and spiritual awakening.

We are now accepting serious inquiries for residency at Heartwood. Residency carries a profound responsibility. Together, we set the tone for the entire Refuge by our thoughts, speech and action with one another.

There is a flexible monetary entrance and monthly room and board fee for each cabin. Time for self-development, personal creativity and participation in group retreats is plentiful and encouraged.

Our predominant qualifiers for residency are:

  • Part-time or supplemental income (proof of income is required) to meet your monthly financial obligation to HW
  • commitment to your own practice and growth
  • alignment with the mission of the Refuge and its commitment to simple living, service to others, and a fearlessness that naturally arises when we take “ourselves” out of the way
  • the maturity for living responsibly in a community setting which requires respect for others and their privacy, and a willingness to communicate openly and honestly, with kindness.
  • skills needed by the community
  • diversity balance

It is crucial to ensure the diversity of the community experience in a myriad of ways. Diversity is inclusive of gender, orientation, class, race, and physical ability. It also includes practitioners of various Buddhist traditions, as well as other contemplative wisdom traditions which uphold the same qualities of character.

Community Conduct
Residents of Heartwood Refuge agree to a level of virtuous Community Conduct which includes taking the 10 virtuous action vows, three times a week:
I vow to avoid killing living beings.
I vow to avoid taking what is not freely given.
I vow to avoid sensual misconduct.
I vow to avoid false speech.
I vow to avoid malicious speech.
I vow to avoid harsh speech.
I vow to avoid gossip.
I vow to avoid covetousness.
I vow to avoid ill will
I vow to avoid wrong view.

Heartwood Residents are:

  • committed to fullfilling Heartwood ’s mission, to be a living container for inquiry and cultivation of
    ancient and contemporary Buddhist thought, while promoting interfaith and multi-lineage dialogue
    that create the opportunity to awaken
  • willing to commit to a regular meditation practice
  • willing to be of service to the community
  • willing to participate in Heartwood’s conflict resolution process
  • committed to self-development
  • committed to generosity of spirit
  • committed to mindful listening
  • committed to developing communication skills
  • flexible in views/perspective and resilient in changing situations
  • accepting of a 30- 90 day trial residency period

If you would like more information on residency at Heartwood, please start your inquiry by completing this form.

The form is an inquiry and not the application process. Acceptance into the community is a community decision and one that will be well considered. Please do not make arrangements to move to Heartwood unless otherwise advised.