John Orr

John Orr received Theravada Buddhist ordination while living in Thailand and India as a monk for eight years in the 1970’s. He has been teaching meditation and leading retreats internationally since 1980 and has also practiced in the Taoist, Dzogbchen and Hindu Yoga traditions.

He teaches through the New Hope Sangha in Durham, North Carolina and Deep Spring Center Ann Arbor, Michigan. He recently retired from teaching for three decades at Duke University.

Events with John Orr

“Practicing With Karma” ~ Retreat Scholarship Eligible
August 12, 2020

There may be many questions regarding the meaning of karma and how to workwith it in our practice. What is karma? How does it work? Does karma mean predestination or fate? If there is no self, whose karma is it? How does karma get transferred from one lifetime to the next? Karma is nether punishment or reward, but just the natural results of seeds we have planted, consciously or unconsciously. Some of these seeds or actions through what we say or do are wholesome and others unwholesome. The Buddha said; Abandon the unwholesome. If it were not possible, I would…