Visioning Conference

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An ONLINE, interactive teleconference to share our vision and shape the future of Heartwood Mountain Refuge


So far, we discussed:

-What your ideal retreat center or live in community would offer
-what would make a retreat center more accessible to not only our larger community but for POC, youth, and the LGBTQIA communities
-How we can implement accessibility needs effectively
-An invitation to work with us, putting our vision into action
-Uniting Sanghas, giving them the ability to offer access to this powerful space
-Ecology of the space, how to have a positive, low-impact effect on the land.
-Ways to offer space

-Update on Phase 1 (success!)

-next steps in fundraising
-establishing a volunteer base
-community guidelines
-community governance
-teachers we want to sit with,
-the “December dream team”
– the first retreat at Heartwood.

If you are interested in shaping the future with us, the next conference is Sunday November 15th at 8pm est:

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