What to expect from water fasting

What to expect from water fasting

On juice fasts, although you may lose weight, your digestive system does not get much of a rest.
This is why a water fasting may be a better healthier option. Sensing into your own deepest
wisdom and what is right for your body at any given time can be the wisest and most effective
way of determining which will serve you better.

Glucose is the molecule that fuels the brain. After the first few days of a water fast, the body
has used up all its stores of glucose to make energy. So then it turns to other sources, including
fat and muscle to produce the brain’s food.

The main tissue the body will catabolize at this point, to produce the glucose, is muscle,
because muscle has readily available amino acids which can be easily converted to glucose.
However the body is a use-it-or-lose-it system. Which is why we recommend light but regular
daily exercise while you are on a water fast. That exercise tells the body you are using those
muscles and it must look to other reserves, such as fat, to produce the glucose the brain needs
to perform its regular daily work. It takes a few more steps to catabolize the fat but if you are
using the muscles it is no longer an option to catabolize them for glucose. This protects not only
your structural muscles but the heart as well, which is also a muscle.

Heartwood Health Enhancement Program provides retreatants with access to several exercise options including elliptical machines, stair machines, resistance bands, free weights , a lovely ~2 mile walk around the nearby Lake Osceloa and unlimited access to the multitude of workout and yoga videos online to encourage your body to maintain its muscle while fasting.

What to expect from water fasting:

Your body’s inner wisdom knows precisely where to go, what to metabolize and eliminate, and
how to eliminate it.  Water fasting has been described as an operation without the surgery.
Fasting gives your digestive organs a much needed rest.  Instead of digesting food, the digestive
secretions and enzymes can work on digesting and eliminating toxic wastes from the body via
the GI tract.

Not everyone experiences unpleasant symptoms but most people do have some signs that their bodies are doing some cleansing. These symptoms are more pronounced the more toxic your body is when you embark upon a water fas

Signs and Symptoms of Detoxing

1) headaches, dizziness, vertigo, wooziness, feeling lighthead.
2) sneezing, runny nose, itching, stinging, post nasal drip.
3) soreness or constriction of the throat, hoarseness, scratchiness
4) chest congestion, wheezing, phlegm discharges, foul breath odors
5) skin rashes, acne, pustules; excessive or abnormal sweating; strange body odors
6) sour or nervous stomach, stomach cramping, belching, bad breath
7) sore eyes, bitter taste in mouth, sallow complexion, pain or distension under
the ribs on the right side (location of the liver and gallbladder)
8) colic, spasm, tenderness or pain underneath the liver area.
9) foul smelling gas, cramping, diarrhea, spastic colon or irritable bowel.
10) low back pain and weakness, fatigue; frequent urination, often urgent
11) strongly colored or strong smelling urine

These cleansing and detoxing symptoms are most intense during the first three days of the fast
and can be warded off or decreased significantly by following our Pre-Fasting Regime.
During the first three days of the fast energy levels also tend to be lowest.  After this initial
three-day period the body goes into an internal energy-conserving mode, called ketosis. In this
mode the body switches over to a more efficient burning of the fat reserves and energy levels
come back up.

During the fast your body will detoxify itself during the night, often leaving a thick, foul, bitter
tasting residue on the tongue in the morning.  We provide you with a tongue scraper and an
ionic tooth brush to scrape and scrub the tongue first thing each morning.